Friday, 3 July 2009


What a week! So much to do with so little time. Sleep? What the hell is that? It's too damn humid to sleep! On the bright side, it's Friday at last. That means I have a couple of days to get away from it all...apart from Sunday (when I have to go to work in the Morning...but at least I get to play with real it can't be ALL bad, can it?).

So...with packing aplenty and lots of trips to the dump, I guess I'll not have too much time for the hobby this weekend...but you never know :).

Well, I've finished painting Sola:

Click the Pic!

You could say that she is painted in an explosion of colours but I think it makes a change from a lot of the drab stuff I've been painting lately...

...mind you, looking at all of the crew so far, I guess they aren't as drab as they could be:

Click the Pic!

The last one (before the release of the mystic Panda), is the robot and he still needs a bit of putty work before paint goes on and I doubt that he'll get any before the move.

To be honest, I've got a lot on my mind at the moment...a fighter squadron for a start...a group of 'giant robot heroes' (made from super-deformed Zakus), a 'Dark-Grymn' gang (to go with the Grizzlies), a tank squadron backed up with APCs and infantry...but it is all on hold until I've moved, unpacked, put in a few orders (for TOYS!!!!) and bought an airbrush...THEN I can start on the Macross mechs, Pilum dropships, Tiger APCs and a host of other projects...

...obviously I'm thinking about the move...but that's just boring, isn't it?

Tree Poem

If I was a tree,
I'd have green leaves
And live with other trees
And all together,
We'd be a wood...
...Now wouldn't that be good?

See you on the dark side :).


mrteufel said...

I like how colourful they are. And the tan and green really work for the not-jedi.

I also like your poem, and how it actually forms the image of a tree.

Inso said...

Thank you :).

The tree poem is from an eon ago but it is one that always makes me smile.