Sunday, 28 June 2009

Sunday and all is well.

It is Sunday, I've slept for over 9 hours (the most I've slept for months), the air is fresh, my daughter is 12 today, I don't have to call the bingo EVER AGAIN and I've just had a lovely cup of tea...if it wasn't for the fact I have to do the food shopping today, it would be a perfect day.

Well, what has been going on? I had a potter around the shops yesterday and all I came away with was the latest White Dwarf magazine. Every month I buy it and every month I flick though it and question my decision. White Dwarf stopped being worth a read A LONG TIME AGO...I suppose it is a case of A) Habit and B) what else would I buy to read?

I had a very small parcel turn up on Friday that contained a Grymn Spotter (from Hasslefree). He is going to be the lieutenant for my second urban light-infantry platoon. The miniature itself was a pre-release, master casting and was very sharply cast.

On the subject of actual miniatures, I have finished basing the Grizzly, so here is a pic:

Click the Pic!

I've also finished painting my starship-crew warrior:

Click the Pic!

I thought I'd paint him in fairly dull, military clothing but with a colourful twist (his hair). I look at him as a retired serviceman who can't switch off his military training...but doesn't want all the routine of military service. As with the other starship-crew, his base is plain until I decide what to do with it.

Time is getting short. I am in the throws of packing up all my kit, ready for the move. All I have in the cupboard now is my Grymn urban assault platoon, the starship crew and a bunch of Macross mechs. Realistically, all I have to paint is the remainder of the starship crew because the mechs need an airbrush (which I don't have yet) and the assault troops need LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of tiny little squares (which can go swim at the moment!).

I have STRONGLY resisted the urge to spend money of miniatures for the time being (due to the move) but am planning a few purchases when I get to my new home.

Well, apart from shopping and a few other little chores I may get the opportunity to spend some time painting the starship-crew pilot/mechanic so you never know...I may post another update later in the day (because I don't have to call the bingo tonight!!!).

See you on the dark side ;).

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