Sunday, 5 July 2009

The Loooong Sunday.

It has certainly been a long day today. I was up at 06:15hrs and went into work to play with my helicopter. Once I'd waved it away and got back home it was nearly 10:00hrs so it took a little longer than I was hoping...but that, as they say, is life in a blue suit.

I was up late on Friday night watching a film (Magnum Force...a classic) and got disturbed early on Saturday morning by 'the neighbours' so today I am feeling a little jaded. When that happens, I generally don't feel like doing very much in the way of painting or hobby stuff but I always become agitated and can't decide what I want to do (it drives my wife to distraction). Well, on this occasion I had a bit of a root through my cupboard and found a bunch of old minis hiding away. There was a pack of ten with cast on bases but two had their bases 'crudely' removed (along with bits of their feet). Normally, I would have left them as they were and looked else where for something to tinker with but for some reason I decided to dig them out and base them up. After basing them and repairing a few feet, I started painting and here is where I am at the moment:

Click the Pic!

The miniatures are from East Riding Miniatures and they are Interpol troops from their Corporate Wars range. The little chap is there just to show you how tall they are (taller than a Space Marine from GW even!). They are extremely simple sculpts with no extra detail but they are quite nice to put paint on. I think they are supposed to be a bit like future SWAT troops but I'm painting them with a military slant. I may get more in the future but I doubt it...these are being painted because I'm not worried about messing them up (as they aren't in any of my big plans...unlike all my Grymn).

What else have I been doing? I've been reading 'The Watchmen' graphic novel.
Is it a good read? The comic bit is but all of the superflous rubbish isn't. Why spoil a good comic book by having proper book pages in it? Hardly very fair is it? I am enjoying the read though (mostly because I have been ignoring the book pages).

This week I get to see my new home for the first time. I'm sure it will be just as 'adequate' as this one but it always makes me feel aprehension. At least it will be in Blighty! I'd live in a box to get back there again!

Well...that is about all I have at the moment so I'll bid you farewell for the time being.

See you on the dark side!

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