Sunday, 14 June 2009

Sunday Blues.

Before I start with the usual Sunday update, I'd really like to welcome Sonny to our humble blog.

He is a miniatures painter that frequents many forums and I know him especially from the Forum of Doom. Inso is particularly fond of his 'gritty' style of painting and has bookmarked many of his Grymn paint-jobs for his personal gallery.

So, Sonny, welcome to the blog!'s that time again...another move is about to begin. Over the next few weeks it will be chaos in the Inso household as plans are made to move house (again). That means that things will be packed away and time will be short for hobby activities.

It also means that he isn't as focused as he could be and is a lot less patient when things start to go wrong.

So...what has he been upto then? Well, I can tell you straight away that there are no pix this week.

The spaceship has had a total change of colour. It has also had a total change in texture as a result of brush painting and it currently looks terrible. There are brush streaks all over it, colour runs and blobs of paint where it has pooled. To be honest, the last time Inso had a failure like this (a sculpt for a competition) he threw it at the wall, smashed it to pieces and threw it in the bin. I just hope that he can work out a way to save it, otherwise I can see this one going the same way. I have suggested that he should pack it away and concentrate on other things in a vain hope that it will give him time to calm down and think of a way to save it...

...I think that an airbrush will be top of his shopping list when he moves because he is extremely put off painting large things with a brush (and he has 6 Tiger APCs, 5 Glaive APCs a Gladius tank, a resin truck and a resin VTOL to addition to the Phoenix)!

On the bright side, Inso has mentioned that the ship will be finished, even if he has to buy another TB2 and start afresh ('s only cost him less than £10-00 so far) even though he is upset about the whole thing, he is still remaining positive.

On to other things...

The pilot/mechanic and the warrior for the starship crew have received a small amount of paint...unfortunately not enough to show off.

Inso dug out his Catachan Imperial Guard army to have a look at. They are all metal (apart from 6 Sentinel walkers) and there are about 160 of them. Even though they were painted a while ago with enamel paints, they still look quite presentable and would certainly look OK on the tabletop. In the same draw were his Soran troops. They are the old metal Cadian Imperial Guard and there are about 60/70 of them. They have a few tanks to go with them (a Griffon, Leman Russ and two Chimeras). I was keen to get Inso to put them on the table and take pix but he was in a weird mood and couldn't summon the enthusiasm.

Short Kroot. Terminator conversions. VTOLs. Grymn scout vehicles. Robots.

All things that have been occupying Inso's mind lately. He gibber-jabbers on about all sorts of things but rarely shares pix or exact I have no idea where these thoughts will lead.

Finally, there is great news from the Twilight front. Hasslefree miniatures have just added the range of cool miniatures to their site. I strongly suggest that you take a look at the following link so that you too can see what Inso has been enhusing about for so long:

For more background information have a look here:

I think you'll all agree that there is some great stuff there. Inso will be splashing the cash over at Hasslefree once he has moved and a lot of it will be on the Twilight miniatures (he doesn't game so the rules aren't what he's into).

So a bit of an odd week on the whole. I can't say what the next update will bring but I hope there will be a few pix of painted/converted miniatures to show off.

Catch you later!

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