Monday, 15 June 2009


...and when he looked there, the cupboard was bare...

It would appear that Inso is taking packing very seriously. So far, he has packed his Tiger APCs, dropships, starship (Phoenix), all of the miniatures on his 'to get around to shelf', his sculpting stuff and his WIP 'big tank'...among other things...

He has left his paints out and a handful of miniatures, namely his starship crew and his Urban Grymn assault platoon.

As much as it pains him (especially with the release of the Twilight range), he has decided that his next purchase of miniature related goodness will be from his new address...and that won't be until mid August!

Inso reckons that he will be more motivated to get a small amount of available miniatures painted better than having a host of I guess we'll see if that holds true.

I think that before long, things will be removed from boxes (especially the sculpting/converting stuff) and orders for more miniatures will be placed before the move...but we'll see.

The good news is that the Phoenix is now out of harms way so it is less likely to be smashed into tiny pieces.

I just wonder how bored he'll have to get to start unpacking again!

Catch you later!

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