Saturday, 20 June 2009

Saturday...a change of direction?

It would appear that packing away a lot of his collection has meant that Inso is clutching at straws for inspiration. Well, the latest pix certainly prove that the spirit is still willing if nothing else. For all those expecting starship crews, Grymn or'll be disappointed. Inso has decided to finally finish his Super-Deformed Zaku from the Gundam series. It has been sitting in his cupboard for ages and it would appear that emptying it for the move has meant a re-discovery:

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Here is a scale shot with a squad of Urban Grymn:

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According to Inso, he started painting this one again due to seeing this thread on Frothers Unite:

The mechs in the link are so cool that they inspired him to paint something of his own. He didn't want to start on his 'proper mechs' (because he wants to use an airbrush for them) so he went for his comedy mech instead...even though he has painted it fairly realistically.

What has been a real problem is the fact that the little Zaku has 'polycap' joints; made of nylon. That means that the joints are extremely flexible and it also means two things:

1>They are really cool and very poseable (which makes gluing them together and sticking the Zaku on a base a difficult decision)

2>If he does glue it all together...what glue is good for nylon?

Hmmm...decisions, decisions...

Catch you later!

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