Sunday, 21 June 2009

Father's Day in the UK.

Today is Father's Day in the United Kingdom and Inso has been out and about in Belfast and the surrounding area instead of his usual Sunday antics.

Being Father's Day, he got a couple of hand made cards from his children (he won't let them buy him a present because he likes their cards better) and then decided that a nice cup of Starbucks coffee was on the cards so off they all went to Belfast.

Whilst on the subject of Starbucks, have you ever tried the Granola bars that they sell? Well, Inso loves them and always buys one when he visits. The down side to that is that it costs him extra because he can't just buy a cake for himself; he has to do the honours for the whole family!

On his travels today, he has bought three CDs: The Mission (Tower of Strength) and Bob Dylan (the Times They are a Changin' and Freewheelin'). He also bought a few more interesting goodies:

Click the Pic! is the soft-back graphic novel of the Watchmen and a pair of Halo Warthogs by McFarlane collectibles.

The Warthogs may become part of his Rogue Trooper force but he just bought them because they looked cool and once he had them he could decide what to do with them at his leisure.

On his return from shopping it was re-cycling time up at the club so he is now sitting picking splinters of glass out of his hands! could be worse...he could have to go and call the bingo again tonight...oh wait...he IS going to call the bingo tonight! Isn't he lucky?!

So, what is on the hobby cards for Inso this week? Well, on the painting table are the warrior and pilot for the star ship crew, four Grymn assault troops and a Grizzly battle-suit (from Star ship Troopers). Whether or not anything happens to them, I daren't say because he has a habit of changing directions quicker than a shoal of sardines!

Catch you later!

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