Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Tuesday Musings...Halo Warthog Review.

After his spur-of-the-moment spending at the weekend, Inso has opened up one of the Warthog collectible miniatures from McFarlane models. Being a tinkerer, he has put together a few pix to show it off with a few miniatures for scale purposes. You'll need to click on the pix to read the script on some of them but here are the pix.

First a basic pic with some miniatures for scale and a shot of the base:

Next a selection of scale pix:

This pic shows the multi positional ball and socket joint that allows you to pose the Warthog in all sorts of positions (although, with no driver it does seem a bit odd):

Finally a pic showing the Warthog taken to pieces:

As I have already mentioned, you'll need to click the pix to see some of the text.

Here are a few words from Inso:

From a conversion perspective, the model is really easy to dismantle and is not glued at all. The whole thing is held together with 8 little screws and when stripped down it is easy to re-assemble.

The fact that the cockpit is removable means that fitting drivers (of your own choice) and painting them will be very easy and also painting the underside of the screen supports will be easier too.

The whole thing is made of a hard styrene plastic except for the ammo feed and the aerial (which are made of a bendy rubber) so if you choose to glue it you shouldn't have any trouble.

The wheels rotate and so does the gun platform. The gun is fixed so it doesn't elevate at all.

The base ball joint just pops in and out of the base of the Warthog with no fuss at all.

For £3-99 it is a great buy and has a wealth of flexibility for converting to a number of different types (think of all of the types of the Humvee and you'll know what I mean). I have seen these fitted with Cadian drivers (Cadians are Imperial Guard, made by Games Workshop) and I will probably end up putting a few of my Rogue Troopers in as drivers (using plastic Catachan Imperial Guard...also from Games Workshop).

I'd really recommend these Warthogs (if you can find them out there).

Well, that's it from Inso tonight so I'll catch you later!


Anonymous said...

Those cars are awesome for conversions!

Inso said...

My thoughts exactly :).