Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sunday and the Ship has Arrived!

Before all the festivities, I'd like to welcome our 15th follower, Ivan Goncearuc, to the blog...


Now for the news...

Well I guess this was overdue in arriving but it seems Inso is now happy to share his WIP starship:

Click the Pic!

Click the Pic!

From what Inso has said, this is just base-coated and still has a long way to go but it is in the approximate colours now. The ship is 11 inches long and about 8 inches wide and even though it looks fairly large, there won't be enough room for the six extra troops to join the would stretch the sensibilities a bit.

After seeing the ship, I guess you can understand why it needed a colour change before he showed it off...if you saw it green you wouldn't be able to get the 'Thunderbird' image out of your heads.

In homage to it's roots Inso has chosen to name it 'The Phoenix' (because a fire-bird is a bit like a thunder-bird...isn't it?!).

So, there you have it. Lots of work to go (even after the 5 layers of paint it has currently received!) but you can see it has definitely changed from the original scheme.

...Now Inso is wishing he had an airbrush...

Catch you later!


Anonymous said...

Love it! Will we get to see inside?

Inso said...

Sorry but due to the toy being incomplete, the pods were glued in no internal views I'm afraid :(.

You never know...this may be the first of a fleet! (but I doubt it) the next one could be fully operational :D.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could remove the top shell?

Inso said...

...maybe before it had paint on it!

After five layers of paint it would be a shame to ruin it.

Also, it would take months to strip out, build up and detail the inside and this is supposed to be a 'quick' project.

Sorry but the inside view is a no-go...there just aren't enough hours in the day I'm afraid.

donna said...