Thursday, 7 May 2009


It has been an interesting week this week.

Inso has been working very hard fixing aircraft and doing all his other jobs at work and has been doing a little bit of over time. That said, he has still managed to work on a second squad of Genetic Infantry and has taken them from bare metal to almost painted. They seem to be calling him to extra endeavor...well, let's face it...something had to!

On the delivery front, Inso has received his mint Tiger APC and is very happy with it. He has also had a small packet of specially ordered Lego components. They are mostly wheels but there are a few other bits and pieces as well. He has basically said that they will be for a few small vehicles to act as scouts for his desert Grymn. He has enough components for 8 vehicles and if they work out alright then he is keen to get more Lego to make a platoon of them. I guess that they will be trikes of some sort because he has 24 wheels...but whether they will be side cars, choppers or all in line I've no idea. They may just be bikes with a spare wheel!

As you can gather, he isn't sending pix of the bits and pieces so I guess he wants to keep us a little in suspense.

I think that there will be pix of finished Genetic Infantry by Sunday evening though.

Catch you later!

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