Sunday, 10 May 2009

Sunday upheaval.

Today has been a fairly busy one for Inso; what with shopping and recycling but he has still managed to finish painting his second squad of Genetic Infantry. He sent over this pic and says that all that needs to do is finish off the bases:

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In other news, Inso has been appraising his troops for his Grymn Urban Army. He has already assembled an assault platoon and has painted about half of it (as has been seen on this blog) but he has one or two more troops to go:

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In the box above, we have 2 light infantry platoons (24 troops in each), a heavy infantry unit (16 troops), a support platoon (16 troops) and a Kindred sniper unit (12 troops).

So...why has he been looking through his army box? Well...he now has £150-00 to spend at Hasslefree Miniatures, thanks to a great deal over at their site. That has meant that he has been thinking about what is needed to finish off the troops for his Urban army.

Obviously, he'll need a command platoon but he has some other issues about his army.

First of all, the light infantry squads only have flamers for support so he wants to swap them with some grenade launchers and plasma rifles.

Secondly, he needs to add a couple of standard troops to finish off one or two of the fire teams (as they are a couple short).

Finally, he needs to make a decision about what sort of heavy support he'll be taking. Will he go for more support platoons or tanks or even fliers?

With so much money to spend, it may take a while to come to a proper decision BUT with a few new releases, I expect that time will suddenly be less of an issue!

If the worse comes to the worse, there are a few Hasslefree adventurers that would make great Genetic Infantry, so I don't think actually spending the money will be a problem.

It is bingo night again so the hobby will take a break for the evening. I doubt very much if there will be any updates until next Sunday as Inso has a busy week at work so I hope to see you then.

Catch you later!

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