Sunday, 31 May 2009

Another Sunday...another update.

Welcome to the Sunday update! First on the agenda is to say hi to Mike Thorpe, our newest follower! Mike (also known as Carcharoth) is responsible for sending me ten of the fantastic Fubarnii knights that have appeared on this blog. He is also starting up a new venture with Hasslefree miniatures called 'Twilight'. It is a fantasy game that will have a host of miniatures to buy and game with. They are nearly ready for release and as soon as they are available, I'll be posting some details!

Welcome aboard our humble blog Mike!

Inso has had a bit of a slow day today. He has not had a great run of sleep and he is starting to wane...insomnia can be a cruel mistress sometimes. Apart from food-shopping, cooking lunch and dinner and generally trying to keep himself awake (oh...the irony!), he has managed to work on his little starship project. This pic shows the pilot/mechanic of the crew and the start of a worker robot:

Click the Pic!

Obviously the two minis are very much work-in-progress but you can see the general direction they are going in. The robot still needs his thighs, hands and chest finishing but he is very much along the same lines as the Beetlebots that have been on the Blog before.

Inso has plans to build a smaller robot to help with menial tasks and has mentioned R2-D2 as a guide for what he will be aiming at (but he has strictly ruled out a direct copy).

As everyone who reads this blog on a regular basis will know, tonight is bingo night and Inso will be disappearing in a short while to call out the numbers...even though he really can't be bothered! That means, no more progress tonight.

Catch you later!


Mr Teufel said...

Hmm. He looks rather scary to be a worker-bot. Then again, pirates would probably want bots that double as attack-bots, even if their primary task was cargo stacking.

Inso said...

The worker-bot is still WIP so first impressions could possibly change over the course of the conversion.

There are no plans to have a scary worker-bot so I suspect changes to the claws and the extra details that are going to be added will change the look considerably (but it will still be a civvy version of a Beetlebot).