Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Tuesday...an eventful day...

Well, it has started. Things are being packed away ready for yet another move. Inso has been rooting around, finding boxes and foam and arranging things in order.

So...what has been done so far? Not a lot really. Lots of action but not a lot of packing yet. What he has packed up, are 6 Tiger APCs (3 nice shiny new ones and 3 second hand ones) and they are now snug in a pair of boxes, all wrapped up in foam (yes, his latest E-bay purchase arrived safe and sound).

Inso has also re-cycled a big stack of White Dwarf magasines. He only has one left! I think that it is a case of out with the old...but I know for a fact that he has become more and more fed up with the publication and has decided to buy, read and dispose of them...if he buys them at all.

From what I understand, he plans on thinning down a lot of stuff. I really think that his bits box is going to take a bit of a hammering at the weekend...he has been struggling to open the thing because it is so full and the box itself is very temperamental...I think the box will be replaced and a small portion of the current contents will go into the new one.

I don't think the move is for a month or so and Inso seems to be sorting through all the stuff he is unlikely to touch just yet. I can see all of the resin vehicles being packed, along with a host of Tau, Macross, Goblin conversions and even the Dropships for the Urban Grymn...not to mention the big tank conversion. I reckon that the starship crew, starship (when it arrives) and some Grymn will be the main miniatures left unpacked. I also think that the Tyranids will remain out until he can work out a safe way of packing them.

I suppose life in the Inso household is never dull...from what Inso has said lately, he could really do with a bit of dullness...

On to other things and Inso has been at school again. He is currently learning all about Risk Assessments. He even had some homework tonight!

Finally, there was a terrible sight this evening...horrible, skinny and pallid...Inso was wearing shorts for the first time this year! Miracles will never cease!

Catch you later!

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