Saturday, 30 May 2009


I guess that Inso has had a quiet day today because he sent me over this pic of Captain Flint Bergstrom:

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In his own words, he has gone for dull, bright colours...whatever that means. The Captain has been converted from a Pirate Kjaran with the legs from a Grymn heavy called Knut (both from Hasslefree miniatures) and the addition of some armour plates using some Green Stuff. Again, the base has been left black because Inso hasn't decided what to do with it yet.

So...we now have a Captain, a Sensai, 2 Novices with a starship on the way through the post. The only two character miniatures that are left are the warrior and the pilot/tech/cool chick miniature...that is of course, until the Mystic Panda gets released.

With the size of the imminent starship arrival, the option to expand the crew a small amount has surfaced. The current crew is made up of the six character miniatures with six boarding party soldiers. The Mystic Panda is going to join as well but Inso has mentioned that there may be space for a couple of robots/androids (especially seeing as they don't need cabin space...they can re-charge in the hold). He still has six plastic Necrons (from Games Workshop) so they may be used for a couple of conversions...alternatively, he may just sculpt a couple.

Decisions, decisions...

Catch you later!

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