Sunday, 26 April 2009

Sunday Updates.

Another Sunday and another update.

First of all, I'd like to welcome our newest follower, Brutorz Bill! WELCOME!

On to the update and Inso has, yet again, sent over a plethora of pix.

First up, Fin Dus has got pecs, back muscles and a few extra folds here and there:

Click the Pic!

Next comes a very small change on the ship's crew-member...a strap to hold his machine pistol in place:

Click the Pic!

Mr. Punch has had a belt added (again, not a lot...but it will help for the next stage):

Click the Pic!
...and finally, the alien overlord has had a bit of a lick of paint. Thanks to some zenithal priming, he has been painted slightly different to his minions but I think he is turning out OK so far...and he is now, most definitely watching you:

Watch the skies! They are coming...

Well...with Sunday being Sunday, Inso will be off to call the bingo again tonight so I doubt that there will be much more progress. I do know that he has been painting the three mystics from the ship's crew as well as doing all the other stuff here. He hasn't done too much but has started to highlight the cloaks and tidy up a few bits and pieces on them.

That's it for now.

Catch you later!...

WAIT A MINUTE! I forgot this one...the pipe has had a bit more work as well:

It is still very much in the build up but it is definitely starting to look more 'tigery'.

Bye Now!


Alan said...

Inso - I love that Alien leader in hover chair... awesome...

ust resist a new army in a scale i dont play... must resist..must...must...must have...need... aliens ...need 15mm aliens...


Anonymous said...

The alien Leader looks very impressive now.