Saturday, 25 April 2009

Saturday Bonanza!

It would seem that Inso has been busy over the last day or so because he has sent over a bunch of WIP pics for us to look at.

First up is a beefed up Fin Dus. He has had a bit of shoulder definition added and a few areas of folds on his legs. He's also had his elbow joints made to be more realistic looking. Here's Fin Dus as he currently stands (there is still more work to do!):

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Next up is the progress on Mr Punch. As you can see, his first fist has been added and he has gained the start of his armour. His mouth has been improved a bit and his legs have been beefed up. Again there is a lot more work to do but here he is so far:

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One of the ship's crew has got some attention as well. The assault specialist has now got some more armour and is in the process of having a sidearm added...Inso is yet to name him:

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Finally, we have a new addition to the Invasion Aliens from Griffin Miniatures. This is the Alien Overlord in a hover chair. Beware...the truth may be out there...but it is watching you!:

Well, that is it for now. Inso doesn't have too much to do tomorrow so there may be more updates to look at.

Oh...I almost forgot. Inso has ordered a few Lego parts for another project he has been thinking about for ages. It would appear that there are plans for a few Grymn vehicles...8 to start with (if he can stick with it!). It will certainly be interesting to see what is going to turn up.

Catch you later!

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Anonymous said...

Marvellous! I love your sculpts - they seem to be progressing well!

I might just get Fin Dus when he's cast. He'll make a great Star Wars alien.