Thursday, 30 April 2009

Tiger, Tiger...

Inso has been raving on about Tigers. It hasn't done any harm fact, it seems to have spurred on some pipe sculpting activities:

Click the Pic!

The pipe is still in the early stages but at least there is a Tiger taking shape now.

So...why Tigers? Well, Inso has been on E-bay again and has won another couple of items. First he won a small army of Vasa troops from Void 1.1, containing:

11 Vasa marines.
7 Black Guard with wings.
8 Militia.
Knight of the balance.
a character model that he already owns and...
2 bikes!!!

All for a very small amount of money so Inso is very pleased (these will go towards his genetic infantry project...yes it's a very slow project but it will turn up again in the future).

As well as the small army he won his 5th Tiger APC...for a small fortune...but he is very happy to have another 'mint in box' Tiger on the way. In case you are wondering, here's a rather nicely painted picture of one, that I found on line:

Click the Pic!

So...5 Tigers...where will it stop?! Inso did say that he has no plans to tackle any of them until he moves to his own home...hopefully not to far in the future.

On to other news, I'd like to welcome our latest follower: Akhad. Welcome to the blog Akhad, and feel free to comment on any posts!

Catch you later!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like how the pipe is coming along.

Any chance of photos of your latest ebay haul? Other than the tiger vehicle, I don't really recognise most of those.