Tuesday, 17 March 2009

It's St. Patrick's Day!

Yes, it is St. Patrick's day. A day of celebration, cheer and Guinness. Inso took a day off work today because his wife is still poorly and his children were off school.

Apart from a few chores, he has done a small amount of work on the Pilum Drop-ships. Now, two of them have rocket pods and the third set are made ready to go on the last Pilum (once the wing tips are cut off to accept them).

On a completely different note, Inso has had a bit of surprising news. A while ago, he sculpted the miniature pictured below for a competition (the Hasslefree Miniatures 'Sculpt a Pirate' competition):

Click the Pic!

Unfortunately, he didn't win so the sculpt was put away never to be seen again...or so he thought.

Yesterday, someone on Frothers Unite UK asked the question..."where are these lost sculpts from the competition?" and Inso's pirate was on the list. As a result and after a few PMs, Inso has sold the sculpt (money up-front!) to a prospective miniatures caster and has been offered the chance of some commission work, with all of his sculpts being under his name on the up-coming site.

There is no further information at the moment apart from the fact that the little pirate is on his way to Australia!

As you can imagine, Inso is rather pleased with the situation. Things are very 'fluid' at the moment but it is certainly a good start on a new venture.

Whew! What a day!

Catch you later!


Anonymous said...

Told ya you were good.

Now where's that troll? :p

Inso said...

Life is a bit crappy at the moment so I really don't have the relaxed state of mind for too much of anything...so any sculpting at the moment is taking a back seat I'm afraid.

The Troll will get finished...one day ;).

...but I guess commissions will have to take precedence though...:).

Anonymous said...

Makes perfect sense. Congratulations! :)