Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Grrr! It's a Tiger!

Inso seems to have had a bit of a run of mixed luck lately. Family stuff has given him a bit of bad luck but hobby stuff seems to have bucked the trend. Look what turned up from E-Bay today:

It is a Tiger APC and it will eventually join the other three on the field of battle...however, the other three are still in bits, in boxes so that is a future project.

How much did Inso pay for this? £15-00! He's very happy at that price; especially because he was out bid on two other ones at £35-00 a piece!

What a turn up for the books, eh?!

Catch you later!


mrteufel said...

It does look cool next to the grymn, especially painted grey. Although it's clear you'll need to clean it up a bit and repaint it.

Inso said...

When there are 4 of these cleaned up and painted, with their transported units arranged next to them, they will really look great.

I didn't have one assembled until this one turned up and it really is the perfect scale for Grymn.

Alan said...

I agree about the scale - almost perfect and the clean lines are good... will mix well with your Old Crow stuff. However as we've discussed i'm just not into walkers... ;-)

Inso said...

Yep, I agree...the simple lines will go well with the Old Crow stuff...but I doubt that the Old Crow stuff will be in the same army LoL!

I know you aren't keen on walkers but this one is so squat that it is almost a tank ;).

The only problem with the Tigers that I have is that I am going to need to remove an awful lot of excess resin from all of the components...something that Old Crow does for you :(.