Sunday, 22 March 2009

Sunday and yet another change of direction...

Inso never fails to surprise me. Just when you think that he is on course to actually finish something (the Urban Assault Platoon), he goes and sends over a picture like this:

Click the pic

If you don't know what they are, they are 'Alien Invaders' from Griffin Miniatures. Inso picked these up at Salute last year and they have been quietly sat in the cupboard since then. He took them out to paint because he said that they were 'quick painters'...meaning that he wasn't going to go to town on them and he will be using simple techniques to get them painted quickly and to a reasonable standard.

Unfortunately, the command figure had a miscast and his arm was missing. Inso had to do something about that so he has sculpted on a 'probe' arm...I dread to think what he has in mind with that character!

In other news, Inso has recently ordered a tank and a few bits and pieces from Old Crow. The bits and pieces will mean that he can finish converting all of the Vulkan battlesuits that he has in his collection (currently 13). The tank was just an impulse buy to see what it looks like (it is a Gladius) and it will eventually join all the Glaives that he has (currently 5).

He has also ordered a few bits and pieces from Hasslefree miniatures. This will enable him to add the chin turret guns to his other two Pilum Dropships and also to put together a small 'mercenary unit' for YET ANOTHER of his projects!

Other items that have arrived recently from E-bay (in addition to the Tiger APC) are 3 more Vulkans (that are included in the tally of 13) and a small squad of Spugs (from Spriggan Miniatures).

There is also a lot going on in the greater miniatures fraternity at the moment. Things that Inso is keen on are:

the Twilight range that will be available from Hasslefree Miniatures. For more information visit here:

The Defiance range that will be available from Spartan Games. For more information, visit here:

And the new Games Workshop Ratling Snipers. For more information visit here:

There are also a few kits from Games Workshop that may be of interest; these being the Valkyrie and the Stormsword kits.

Well...a lot of stuff today; not all of it pix and progress but with all the stuff going on in the Inso household at the moment, I don't think that there will be a huge amount forth coming.

Catch you later!

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Anonymous said...

- Hmm. Interesting colour choice for the 'greys'.

- The Defiance range... Hmm. Those closed-helmet powered armour suits probably could be mistaken for Grymn? And the riding beasts look like they would fit your requirements.

- Ratling snipers? Hmm. Look like another easy conversion. Just add facial hair. :)