Monday, 16 March 2009

I's not Sunday but...

Yes, I know I didn't post a Sunday update but there wasn't anything to show as Inso never sent anything over.

Luckily, He seems to have conquered his inability to sort out the 'Pilum' drop-ship (or converted Tau Devilfish) with a rather simple solution:

All he has done is chop off the wing tips and the burst-cannon. He then chopped and sanded the smart missile clusters and covered them with a bit of plasticard. The replacement for the burst-cannon is a Grymn mini-gun that will count as an assault-cannon.

Obviously, there is a bit of filling to do and a few little bits to add as details...but this has been praying on Inso's mind for ages and he is relatively pleased to get SOMETHING done on the Pilum.

Life is still 'challenging' at home so as he said to me "it will be little and often...with not many pix".

Hopefully things will improve very soon.

Catch you later.


Comyn said...

The nose cannon replacement is brilliant. May I copy? I've been trying to find a solution on mine. That weapon has always seemed better as a vehicle-mounted piece.


Inso said...

Of course you can copy :).

It is a mini-gun from the Grymn Weapon sprue available from (

I always thought the Burst-cannon was far too large.