Sunday, 18 January 2009

Sunday Blues.

Yesterday was a quiet day on the hobby front. The entire output consisted of two Clankers getting undercoated black.

Inso has been burning the candle at both ends lately; what with traveling, socialising and generally not getting very much sleep and it has sort of caught up with him. He is currently fidgeting about because he wants to do a spot of painting but is too tired to concentrate properly. All he has managed to do today is take 8 Grymn from his cupboard and put them on the painting table.

I'm not sure whether he'll get anything done today, especially because he has to go and call the bingo again this evening.

So...what's new?

Well, I'd like to welcome the second follower of Inso's World; Weirdwolf. He Joins Alan from the Brandlin Grymn blog site. Some visitors may know them from The Forum of Doom among other forums.

On another blog note, you may have noticed a Nomad Painter link on the right. The Nomad blog has some really cool painted miniatures on it and they obviously have great taste because Inso's World is in their links area :).

Inso has also agreed to sculpt a miniature in a competition on Frothers Unite. He has yet to start the sculpting but he is very keen to finish something. The sculpt is going to be of...a...Superhero, Pulp style, Dwarf. Inso has set ideas of what he wants to achieve but whether he can manage it...who knows?

On the Urban front, work on the drop-ships has slowed to a crawl. Inso needs a couple of bits and pieces to finish them all off and is trying to work out what he needs exactly and how he is going to put it together. Basically, there will be a rocket pod on either side of the front wings (where the drones have been chopped off) and he knows what he wants...but getting hold of it without having to do too much scratch building, is causing a bit of trouble. He needs six identical items so that all three dropships look the same. He may end up making them from marker pens...

The evil spectre of 'Armoured Might' has reared its ugly head. The thought of having swathes of tanks supported by swathes of APCs full of troops is something that fills Inso with joy. Unfortunately, it is a distraction that constantly nags at him and stops him from progressing current projects. I can honestly say that at some point I can see him building an armoured company and I would even go as far to say that it may not even be at 28mm scale. There are some very nice 15mm sci-fi tanks out there and they may eventually chip away at his resolve...

Well...there's not much more to say apart from 'sorry that there aren't any pix today'.

Hopefully, next time, there will be something to show off.

Catch you later.


Anonymous said...

Wot about the troll u wuz skulptin'?

Inso said...

The legs are being 'awkward''s an aesthetic thing.

The Troll will be brought out and sculpted again, it is just that 'real life' is not being particularly friendly to sculpting OR painting at the moment...things are set to change soon :).