Sunday, 25 January 2009

So much to do; so little time...

It seems that Inso has had a fairly busy week. Today I got sent a host of pix and to start off, here is some progress on the 8 Grymn that were taken out of the cupboard last week:

As you can see, there is still a long way to go but they are certainly more advanced than the black undercoat they emerged from the cupboard with.

Next up is a bit of a departure from painting. In the following pic are a pair of sculpts for the Golgo Island competition (from the Frothers Unite forum) along side a Grymn for scale:

The sculpt on the left is going to end up as a super-hero Dwarf. The sculpt on the right is of Fin-Dus, hero of the poluted depths. Fin-Dus is probably finished but the Dwarf still has a long way to go. Inso has said that the Dwarf will have a face mask but will have hair sticking out of the top (a bit like Gambit from the X-Men). He is also toying with the idea of giving him a hammer...I guess we'll see whether it happens or not.

The next pic is of a gift from Inso's son. 5 plastic Daleks that were a free gift from a comic:

They seem to be the perfect scale for 28mm gaming. I can see Wargamers emptying the shelves of this comic, just for the Daleks. At £2-10 for the comic, that is an excellent deal for hard plastic Daleks!

Finally...'and now for something completely different'...

Yes, it is a pipe. Yes, it really smells like a pipe (Inso is having trouble with headaches and feeling nausious while sculpting on it). Yes, Inso has been asked to sculpt a tiger's face on it.

The reason for a tiger's face is that there are a number of flying squadrons around the world who have a tiger as part of their squadron badge. These Squadrons get together every year or so at a 'Tiger Meet' and swap stories, show off new paintschemes and generally drink a lot of beer. The guy who asked Inso to sculpt the tiger on the pipe, works on one of the tiger squadrons and wants a 'talking point' for the next Tiger Meet. Again, the sculpt is at a very early stage but due to the smell, I think this one will proceed very slowly.

Well...plenty to see this week! Hopefully, over the next few days we'll get to see some finished never know!

Catch you later!


Anonymous said...

Grymn are looking good, as usual. Not incredibly keen on Findus. Oh, well.

Which comic comes with free daleks?! I... Er, I mean my friend... er cousin wants to know!

The pipe looks interesting. Maybe you could put gladwrap or some sort of cap over the end temporarily?

Inso said...

Have you seen some of the miniatures for Golgo Island? They are different to say the least. Fin-Dus was a comic sculpt I did a while back and I thought he'd fit in.

Dr. Who Adventures (you get a pack of five Daleks OR Cybermen).

The pipe was doused in aftershave but clogging up the bowl sounds like a good idea (cheers).

Daniel said...

Nice work Inso. I am very interested to see how these new sculpts come out.


Anonymous said...

*googles 'golgo island'*

Er... Ok. They are sorta different. ;)

And I'll have to keep an eye out for the Dr Who Adventures comic.