Sunday, 1 February 2009

Another Sunday, another update.

Well, it looks like it may have been a slow week for painting this week, as the Grymn have only gained their base coat on their armour. At least is will mean the start of the camouflage when Inso next picks up his brush:


Do you know when there are times you have an idea and it festers away until you just have to do something about it? Well it seems that Inso has had one of those times. The other week he was talking about big future tanks with heavy armour, big guns and a reasonable troop carrying capacity...well it seems that he couldn't put up with it any more so he went and bought a 1/35th scale 'Flakpanzer Gepard', some extra plasticard and a new tube of polystyrene cement and set to work. The following pic is very WIP at the moment get the idea:

The next pic shows just how big it is going to be:

The lump on the front is where the troops disembark and either side will be a small turret for close support. Just above each turret, on the slope, will be a driver's position (one either side). The main turret will be quite broad but very flat. There will be three main guns and a pair of 'all round defense' guns on the sides.

According to Inso, the whole thing will have an electric power plant (using advanced crystal energy) to not only drive the vehicle but power the weapons as well. The three main guns will charge up, fire and then have to recharge. The idea is that while one is firing, the other two are recharging so there will always be a gun ready to fire. In an emergency (or as part of a main battery) all three guns can fire at once causing an awesome amount of damage but will then have to spend time charging, leaving the tank vulnerable. Having everything electric negates the need to carry ammunition.

If you look at the top picture, there is a line going across the tank, just in front of the turret. In front of the line is the transport area, behind is the turret and either side, the powerplant/engines.

Well...yet another change of direction! Let's hope that this one gets further than the last dozen or so tank builds...they usually don't get finished and get abandoned to the parts bin or the dustbin!

Catch you later!


Anonymous said...

I missed this! Because the top edge of this post looks just about the same as the top edge of the previous post: a double line of grey grymn!

I really do hope you finish this one. It looks great!

Inso said...

I am hopeful. I am quite happy with how it is going so far...that may change but I hope not.