Thursday, 15 January 2009


Holy moly...there's an air assault going on!

As I sit here and type, the threat of being buzzed by a helicopter is rising by the second.

Why? It's Inso's birthday and he has been gifted a small radio-controlled helicopter (among a few other non-hobby related gifts).

So...a few beers and much helicopter-buzzing-of family is going on.

Bless least he's a bit more cheerful than he has been of late. In fact, Inso has had a fairly good week so far. He went on a course on Sunday evening and bumped into a friend who he hadn't seen for seventeen years. The funny thing is, the friend turned up in the same place for the first time as well so it was a huge moment of serendipity.

Much beer and reminiscing followed and the course suddenly became much more eventful as a result.

So...what is going on in the hobby world at the moment?

Well, for some reason, Inso bought some Rackham Dwarves off a friend on-line and they are very weird. What he plans to do with them is anyone's guess but I guess the opportunity was too good to miss.

There is also another story in the mix. It is called 'drop-zone' and is an account of how the urban Grymn army works together to re-take a captured city. Not only is it a story but it also gives a bit of an insight as to why some of the troop choices have been made for the actual miniature army.

There is little more to mention apart from the fact that the weekend will see a small amount of work on a few Grymn but not much have a way of really throwing Inso off his game. You never know though, he may surprise us with a host of stuff but I don't think he has the chance until Saturday.

That's it for now.

Catch you later.

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