Thursday, 18 December 2008

Thursday...with an update.

Inso has been a bit poorly so he hasn't been doing any painting for fear of messing things up. Fortunately, he hasn't been idle and has assembled a squadron of three Pilum drop-ships for his Grymn assault platoon:

The lead Pilum has an additional harness added to the area behind the cockpit to represent additional command/control/communications equipment. All of the drop-ships have to be cleaned and have a few minor modifications before painting starts.

As well as the drop-ships, there has been some progress on the flier. The box with all the Tau vehicles in contained plenty of other bits and pieces and the Ion cannon was just what Inso was looking for to add as an engine.

At the moment, things still look a bit cobbled together but I have been assured that it is early days and things will be sorted out as the conversion progresses. There are plans to add a downward pointing tail-fin and some missiles, along with some sort of nose weapon (HMG?). Don't be alarmed at the angles and sharp edges of the flier at the moment...things will change :).

Catch you later!


Alan said...

Seems like everyone is using Tau ships for Grymn these days ... maybe i should get in on the act. Tau is about the only faction in 40k i would buy, but i just can't get my idea of the grymn vehicles (slab sided functional old crow 25mm vehicles) to fit with the curvy Tau...

Inso said...

If you look at the British army, they have slab sided tanks. They also fly around the battlefield in lovely, curvy Pumas, Merlins, Lynx, Gazelles and Chinooks.

That is all the rationalisation you need.