Saturday, 20 December 2008


I guess you just have to take what you can get...and this pic says it all:

There has been no painting going on in the Inso household (apart from the merest glimpse of camouflage in the top right corner of the pic) so it would seem that he has used his time to assemble the Assault platoon in it's entirety.

From the top down, we have four assault fire teams, one support section and a command section.

Inso has fleshed out the minis that he is converting and has done a weapon swap on the lieutenant, a head swap on the radio operator and a little bit of arm re-posing on a few others. There is still the base filling to go and of course, the green stuff to add to the conversions.

On a different theme...BATTLE-SUITS!

Inso is toying with a few rules and has come up with a bit of a conundrum. Should his battle suits be treated as heavy armour OR a vehicle? In other words, should it have a beefed up infantry profile or should it have a vehicle/walker profile? Any ideas? The Battle-suits have been shown before but here they are again:

Inso has 10 of the Battle-suits with a variety of heavy weapons and will probably end up fielding them as a single unit.

Catch you later!


Comyn said...

On the battlesuits I like ultra heavy infantry stats.


Inso said...

I must admit that I am thinking along similar lines (because I like the way the Tau Battlesuits just up the infantry profile when worn)...So that's a vote for infantry.

Any more ideas?

João Marcelo said...

Where did you get those suits? The one showed looks awesome!

Inso said...

The suits are from a discontinued line of miniatures that were called Target Games. They are from the Warzone range of miniatures and the suits are Vulkan battlesuits for the Bauhaus faction.

There are a few blisters still available from Prince August Miniatures from Ireland.