Sunday, 14 December 2008

Slooow Sunday...

Inso has a case of man-flu so has not been able to concentrate as much as he would have liked this week.

That said, he had to drag himself into town in order to get a few Christmas presents and on his return had a box of 3 Tau vehicles. He bought them to act as drop-ships for his jet-pack assault troops. He was hoping that they would be big enough to house 16 troops but when he assembled one he realised that it was a bit smaller than he had hoped so is using them to carry 8 troops in each. Fortunately, there were 3 in the box so he has enough for the platoon (one for each assault squad and one for the command and support sections to share).

Here is a pic of the first 'Pilum' drop ship with the troops it is destined to carry:

In the above pic, you can also see that Inso has progressed the troops a little. This is mostly a case of him buying all sorts of grey paint on his travels. The 4 troops nearest the front have had their armour plates re-touched a level further than the 4 troops at the rear. From what he has said, Inso is so happy with the dark grey that he may not even paint camouflage on the armour! I'll believe that when I see it.

The whole build up of this army is going to be slightly different to his previous ones. What Inso is planning to do, is to finish each unit completely before moving on. That means that for each squad that is painted, he will build and paint their transport before he moves on to the next squad. That way, he won't end up with another army of troops with no vehicles. He is also talking about furnishing a travel case to house the army as he builds it...are there plans to start gaming???

I had a quick look at his painting table today and there is a small conversion on the go. It looks a bit like a Grymn body with all it's limbs and head removed and the start of some sculpted legs. If I am right, it may shed a little light on the 'Iron-Grymn' comment that Inso never know!

Well, that is it for today. Inso will be off Bingo calling again tonight (even though he is poorly...bless him) so there won't be any more news from him today.

Catch you later!


Mr Teufel said...

I do like the grey, too.

I'm interested to see how you grymnify the Tau ship. Obviously the weapons will need changing.

Oh, and "IronGrymn"? I'm saying nothing, because you're obviously baiting for questions. :D

João Marcelo said...

Inso... I had finally started painting my grymn, and made sure they did not look like yours... just to find you are painting your new squads in almost the same scheme :Pra

Inso said...

@Mr T: I will be changing the chin gun and will be making the drones a permanent part of the wings (rocket turrets). I am still undecided as to whether I go further because I quite like them as they are (and helicopters have much rounder/smoother contours than tanks).

@J M: I am always glad to see painted Grymn and if ours are a bit be it! They say that great minds think alike ;).