Sunday, 30 November 2008

Sunday again.

Well it's Sunday again and it has been a relatively slow week considering that Inso had the week at home. However, I suppose he has finished the Beetle-bot unit and transport, even if he hasn't got much further. I suppose that this could be a bit to blame:

The mech is an Armoured Valkyrie from the Macross universe and is a princely 4 incehs tall. Aparently, Inso had to do something but was too tired to do anything towards his projects so he rummaged through his cupboard and found a pair of these mini-kits. He only built one but I suppose that leaves the other one for when he is bored again.

On the bright side, Inso has been able to put paint to miniature and has progressed his latest Stormtrooper unit so that they are all upto the same standard. They are not finished and have their guns, visors and a few other little details to go but they are certainly getting there. For a better view of the picture click on it:

Well, that will be it for this week because it is Bingo night and Inso will be off calling the numbers again!

Catch you later!

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Mr Teufel said...

The Grymn unit is nicely done, although if the photo is accurate, perhaps they could do with a bit more highlighting. Still, not keen on the colour scheme. Matter of taste, I guess.

And I have no clue as to why everyone goes gaga over giant Japanese robots. Sorry.