Tuesday, 2 December 2008


I just received this: (click to see a bigger version):

It would appear that the Stormtrooper unit is finished (except for varnish). That means that all of the little bits, pieces and additions to the Green Grymn army are now complete...apart from 2 APCs.

Inso has said that APCs are not high on his list of priorities at the moment so I dread to think what is next. He did say that once all the troops are varnished, there will be an army picture...but he didn't say when that was likely to be.

Maybe there will soon be pix of the support flier?

Maybe there will soon be pix of the support walker?

Grav bike maybe? Who knows?

Catch you later.


Mr Teufel said...

Off topic, but I remember you were looking for non-carnivore mounts for your Grymn cavalry.

Thought you might be interested in these. I'm not keen on the riders, but you can get the mounts separately.

Inso said...

I saw those and would have been keen to get some but for the fact that they look a bit odd in the head department. I suppose it is because I am so used to seeing horses...

...What I really do like are these things (the mounted knight) also from zombie smith:


The whole rider/mount combination is really great!

Mr Teufel said...

I see what you mean. But I'm a bit over the whole dinosaur thing, so I'm more fascinated by the strange 'mammalian' beasties in the first link.

I figure they're wearing helmet/blinkers, so as to protect the eyestalks, as well as point them forward to avoid distraction.