Saturday, 29 November 2008

Another day...

Inso has been on my case today. Last night he received a forwarded e-mail from a friend that was sent in all innocence but rattled his cage quite a lot.

Basically it was a poem about a little girl whose dad was a soldier who died a few weeks ago and she stood up in front of everyone and said that he was now a star in the sky and was happy.

Can you imagine the effect that a poem like that would have if it was sent to someone whose husband/son/partner was currently serving in a warzone or trouble spot as part of his service duty?

Inso would just like to say that for every news story that mentions another soldier who has gallantly fallen in the pursuit of his service duties abroad, there are countless others who don't. Hearing about a soldiers death is heartbreaking for the general public but can you imagine how it feels to someone whose family member is doing the same job, at the same time and in the same place? They believe that their partner has fallen as well and until they receive reassurance, they are worried sick to their stomach.

A lot of people forward innocent looking e-mails but don't necessarily understand the enormity of what some of them contain. To everyone who reads this, please read what you are forwarding on to people and think about who they are and how things may affect them.

In other news, please support: . They are a valuable resource that has recently collapsed and need funds to get them back up and running.

Sorry about the 'dour' nature of the post today...sometimes things just need to be said.

Catch you later.

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