Thursday, 10 July 2008


I know that there are a few less posts at the moment but that is the nature of life sometimes. I will say that although Inso is dealing with a lot of real-life 'STUFF' at the moment, he is also slowly ticking along with the hobby side of things as well.

As was mentioned in an earlier post, Inso received 10 miniatures (Fubaarni) from a guy called Carcharoth from the Forum of Doom. They were a gift and were extremely well received, I can tell you. Well, on Inso's return he said that they would be the first ones to get his attention and indeed, he assembled one completely and based the other 9 ready for assembly as soon as his painting things were back on the table. While this was going on, he painted the Atom but the drive was still to get at least one of the Fubaarni finished as soon as possible. Well, he's only gone and finished one. He has deliberately gone for very subtle highlighting and a bright colour here are a few pix with the ATOM for scale:

As you can see, it is something completely different! There will be a few conversions coming along for these as Inso received two lots of five identical miniatures (5 have shields the other 5 don't). There will be a few rifles and a bunch of equipment added to some of them and others may receive other stuff as well (cloaks, helmet plumes...even whiskers!).

I hope you like him!

Catch you later.


Anonymous said...

I really love this guy! Shame it looks like it'd be a hassle to swap the rider out for a grymn.

But have you seen the new GW Cold Ones (with the Dark Elves)? I think they're more plausible riding beasts than the previous ones, which looked like a cross between the American Godzilla and a velociraptor.

Inso said...

The new cold ones are awesome...but a bit too toothy (and large) for my Grymn to be riding.

Yep, the rider is part of the mount casting so it would be a heck of a job to remove it (which is a shame because it is more or less perfect for a Grymn mount).