Saturday, 12 July 2008

Saturday and a small amount of news...

Well Inso has been in touch and has said that feedback is good. He has carried out a few minor modifications to the Fubarnii and is much happier with it. The reason the changes were made was because of feedback from the FoD. So here is a pic of the Fubarnii knight with a bit of dark-lining between rider and mount and an additional; layer of highlight on the mount:

Inso thinks the changes are for the better...are they?

He also tells me that he has started work on a Noblin called Hurk from Spyglass Miniatures. He is remaining silent on the paint-scheme at the moment but has mentioned that the Noblin is based and undercoated ready to start.

There is also a tiny bit of news on the conversion front today. A while back, Inso bought a Tyranid starter box from Games Workshop and had a few miniatures left over. The left overs were Gene-Stealers and last night Inso started converting one into something a bit different. Again, he isn't saying too much so I guess we'll just have to wait and see what he comes up with.

Catch you later!

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