Monday, 7 July 2008

A Super Monday.

Well, it seems like Inso has started painting again. Obviously he has had to get the creative juices flowing by painting something completely different...but at least he's started.

Here is a picture of the Grymn's latest biological marvel and his name is 'The Atom':

The miniature is a super-hero from Black Hat miniatures called 'Armourdillo' and he suits the Grymn perfectly due to his diminutive size. He still needs varnish but he's all finished in the painting department.

Who knows what is next?


Anonymous said...

I actually critiqued this and other supers that were being shown as greens on BH's site. I was really impressed with Armourdillo - until after they cast him. Only then did I realise how small he was!

But seeing him painted up next to you're grymn has made me like him all over again.

A cross between Wolverine and Juggernaut would be fun to roleplay, too. (If you know your Marvel supers at all, that is!)

Inso said...

I had no idea he was as small either. It was only when you mentioned it before, that I took him out of my Salute bag to see how small he really was. Once I'd seen his diminutive size I almost wished I'd bought a load more (add some close combat weapons and a jump-pack and we have some shock troops to lead my Grymn CC units!)... A Juggernaut with claws, he'd make an awesome character (unstoppable and able to regenerate with adamantium claws...).

Anonymous said...

Well, I was thinking just a superstrong shorty with attitude. :D

Anonymous said...

Maybe regenerating, too...?

Anonymous said...

Then again, if he regenerates, why does he need armour?

...I think about these things too much, don't I?

Inso said...

... :).

Mason Studios said...

Love the Armourdillo!