Tuesday, 1 April 2008

An early Tuesday post.

Inso has said that he will not have anything to show off today as he has some homework to do so I thought I'd post early today.

The three mystic warriors that he has been painting over the last couple of days have had a few adjustments made to them. After some suggestions on the Forum of Doom and on here, Luke and Meg have been black-lined and Jen has had shading added to her red cowl. When the fourth (and final) mystic warrior is finished, a picture of all four will be posted to show the improvements.

Keiran (the final mystic warrior) has been started but is unlikely to see much paint tonight.

...I forgot to mention that Inso had some more Void minis turn up from E-bay yesterday. They were a boxed set of five Vasa marines. They were sent as painted minis and are in a lovely shade of purple. Needless to say, they will be dropped in paint-stripper and re-painted before they grace any army of Inso's. They are similar to the Viridian marines that he already has (apart from the fact they have helmets and knee-pads) and will easily fit into the same army...maybe as veterans or something.

Not long now until Salute...Inso is getting very excited about going to London for the day. You never know, he may bump into you!

Catch you later.

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