Wednesday, 2 April 2008

It's a wonderful day...

Inso is a bit chuffed. Not only has he managed to overcome some deep-rooted inability to write a staff appraisal (he has finished one at last!!!) but he also received a really cool, surprise parcel.

Staff appraisals are one of those things that instill you with dread fear as a result of the responsibility that is on your shoulders to accurately assess the subject you have to write for. Inso has been staring at five such appraisals for the best part of 6 weeks and has been completely unable to write them. He says he is appraisal-phobic or something! Well, he finished one tonight so hopefully, the flood gates are open.

On to the surprise parcel. Well, Inso recognised that it was from the nice people at Hasslefree Miniatures and opened it straight away. He hadn't ordered anything so didn't know what to expect. So, what was inside? I'll tell you...three of the brand new, unreleased (as yet), helmeted, light-infantry Grymn! To say that Inso was happy is a huge understatement. They are as brilliant in the flesh, as they are on the Hasslefree Miniatures Work Bench. Awesome.

...The sad bit? Inso has appraisals to do (or else!) so he can't paint them straight away. It is probably a good thing as he has a few ideas as to what to do with the future releases so would probably mess things up if he painted them too soon.

Today the realisation dawned on Inso. He only has three weeks odd, before going to the Gulf. His flight is booked and his courses are complete. His preparation is nearly over and his packing is going to have to start very soon. It is amazing what a kick in the pants it gives a person and they have to suddenly switch on and sort their life out.

Life is full of surprises...and shocks!

Catch you tomorrow.

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