Monday, 31 March 2008

Monday Mystic.

I got this pic sent through today. It is the third of the Mystic children and is also the tiniest:

The picture isn't great but Inso assured me he took loads of pix and this was the result of the best ones...

He had nothing more to say apart from 'only one more to go!'.

Catch you tomorrow!


Mr Teufel said...

You're a masochist, Mr Inso.

Although might I suggest a bit of blacklining around the trousers? Unless it's just washed out by the flash, it seems they blend in a bit with the tunic and boots.

Inso said...

Wee Luke has been black lined has Meg. Jen has had some shading added to her red cowl.

Work has started on Keiran and when he has been completed, a pic of all four will be put up to show the improvements :). for being a masochist...I'm a serviceman so what else could I possibly be ;)?

Anonymous said...

Good point!