Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Whoops! I guess I missed a day!

Well, Tuesday came and went and I heard nothing from Inso so I didn't have anything to no post for Tuesday. Today, however, there is something to post. First up is the heavy squad for Inso's Grymn that I have kept going on about. The pic shows the squad as a whole and there is a pic of each of the converted rail-gunners. One has a new arm and the other two have added hair / facial hair:

As you can tell, there is still a long way to go on the painting but it is a start, I suppose.

Next up is a little group shot of the first squad of Vulkans for the Desert Rats. Once he had undercoated them, he noticed a deformed fuel tank so has re sculpted the dodgy area. The pic also shows a fourth Vulkan that Inso kindly got sent from a member of the Forum of Doom. He has removed the head, repositioned the arms and glued it to a base. The fuel tank removal and grey paint application was done by the previous owner:

It is very likely that this fourth Vulkan will become a leader that hangs about as part of the command HQ platoon for the army. I'm sure that it will have a few extra gadgets added, to mark it as something a bit special.

After all the windy weather and a bit of indigestion, Inso hasn't been sleeping very well lately. The upcoming missile dodging tour isn't helping things either so expect things to slow down even more as he tends to just do base-coating, priming and varnishing when he gets really tired.

Well, that's it for today. Hopefully there will be something to show off never know.

Catch you later.

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