Thursday, 13 March 2008

Thursday Vulkan.

Inso sent this to me today:

He said that he couldn't be blamed for not painting his heavy squad because people were saying he should paint these instead. Apparently, the colour of the rear view is about the same as the real thing, the front view has been bleached a bit by the flash.

Before everyone starts mentioning the lack of shading, it hasn't been added yet. This is the only one that is being worked on to this stage, at the moment. It has been base-coated, highlighted and then the patches were added and highlighted. The next stage will be a bit of ink washing BUT Inso may add the black to the metal bits before that.

The camouflage is going to be a bit of a mix through the units of Vulkans. Some will have it and some won't. There will also be a mix of colours and shades. As far as Inso is concerned, he doesn't want his next army to be too uniform so there will be all sorts of strange things going on. I guess only time will tell whether the approach will work.

Catch you later!

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