Saturday, 15 March 2008

Another Friday missed.

We're all human and Friday I was more human than I should have been. I didn't get any stuff sent to me but I saw that there was a bit of progress on the first I could have mentioned it but I got to doing other things and forgot.

That said, I now have a pic of the first Vulkan painted up as far as it will be (prior to having decals added):

As you can see, it has changed quite a bit form the last pic, especially with regard to the camouflage but in Inso's words...'it just went in that direction'. Not a lot I can say to that, is there? What he did say was that there will be a lot of differences in the army so there is likely to be variation in camouflage schemes.

On a different note; Inso had a parcel today and it contained three Grizzly miniatures from Starship Troopers. This pic shows one next to a Vulkan, Grymn and Imperial Guard:

Inso is more than happy with them as he had no idea how big they were!

More later...or tomorrow!


Mr Teufel said...

Wow, the paint-scheme did take an odd turn! But it looks really cool.

Pity Imperial Guard don't get Terminators or Powered Armour. Grizzlies would be far easier to fit in.

Word: xwbryxn - a brand of brain-bleach for use while surfing the internet.

Inso said...

Imperial Guard Terminators would be a perfect use for the Grizzlies but they would look so much better than the Marine ones!

I expect that they will end up as more count-as Sentinels for my other army (so there won't be a clash of styles).

Yes, the camo sort of disappeared during the shading and looks a bit too Afrika Korps to change now (it will look even better when the decals go on as well).

Anonymous said...

where did you get the grizzlies?!?!?!