Sunday, 16 March 2008

Another Sunday; another update.

I know it's early but Inso has some homework to do later so he won't be getting much more done than he has already.

It seems that the heavy weapon squad has really taken a back seat at the moment as Inso has sent over another Vulkan pic. This one shows a conversion of the one that he was sent the other day:

The conversion consists of a weapon swap (it now has a heavy flamer) and the addition of a few bits to represent improved comms. The Vulkan will be used as the Sentinel detachment commander; a lieutenant attached to the command HQ for the Desert Rats army. Inso has said that it had to be an officer because it has a heavy flamer and you can't miss with one of those (but with anything better, an officer couldn't hit a barn door!). The plastic bits on this Vulkan are from a GW Tau battlesuit kit and suit the model very well.

Apart from the work on the above Vulkan, Inso has been base coating the second one of the first unit. He hasn't got very far and won't take a pic because there is nothing worth showing.

He has also been very lucky and bought a box of three GW Cadian heavy weapons teams for £6-99 ($14-00). That means he can now add three las-cannons to the next unit and three auto-cannons to the final unit. That will add some much needed firepower to his small, elite force that has minimal heavy weapons at the moment.

Well, that's it for now. I hope to have something to show off tomorrow, it all depends on how much homework Inso ends up with!

Catch you later!

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