Monday, 10 March 2008

Another Monday.

Well, there isn't much to say today. All Inso has managed to do since yesterday is paint the PVA on the Vulkan bases and paint six faces the base pink colour for skin.

Seeing as there is not a lot going on in the hobby department...let's talk about the weather. Today has been very blowy. Gusts up to 80miles an hour. Inso was nearly blown off his motorcycle on a number of occasions and had to slow right down in order not to change lanes without steering! He was a bit glad to be home in one piece, I can tell you. A work colleague failed to show up for work but sent a phone pic of his drive...a foot deep in water! He couldn't drive to work because the fire brigade sand-bagged his drive and pumped the water out...which meant he couldn't get out.

What now? Nothing!

See you tomorrow!


Mr Teufel said...

C'mon, slacker. We want photo's of painted Vulkan armour!


(word verification: krmek: Kermit The Frog's Battlemech.)

Inso said...

Real life is getting in the way of painting at the moment and the Vulkans are second on the list after the heavy squad.

They'll get done soon!