Sunday, 9 March 2008


Inso has just got back from a mates 60th birthday party and is feeling rather nauseous. He only had a small glass of wine but thinks the Tiramisu may have disagreed with him (he said that it was a said that it was a pudding...yes, that was my attempt at a joke). He suggested we get this done now while he's feeling vaguely healthy.

So, without further ado, here is a group shot of his three converted Vulkans (there are only three but the pic is divided into one taken with a flash and the other not):

They look pretty menacing as a group, don't they. Inso has to cover the base in watered down PVA glue before any painting starts but they are converted as far as they are going to be. He said that it is very unlikely that they will be getting any paint before he disappears to the gulf as he needs to focus on getting his other army complete. While on the subject of the other army, Inso was asked about what the medic was carrying. Here is a pic of the medic with a Hasslefree backpack and sculpted scanner, hoses and connector:

As usual, if you click the pix, you will get a bigger view.

Well, that is Sunday and I hope Inso is well enough to get something done before tomorrow's post.

Catch you later!


Knut said...

How'd you get the GS so smooth for the Vulkan visors with the metal top plate there?

Inso said...

With a lot of patience and a small tool.

The GS is put in the hole at the top and then the metal plate is glued on top. The visor is then smoothed with a small tool (using plenty of saliva as a lubricant ;) ).