Saturday, 8 March 2008

Slooooow Saturday.


Today has been a day of this and that. Many plans were made but went by the wayside. Instead of Inso diligently slaving over his paints, he has had a day of sorting out and taking stock.

First, he varnished the command squad and put them with the army. He took an army pic or two but they were so blurred that he didn't bother sending them over. It was probably 'meant to be' as he hasn't finished all of the troops yet. Once the heavy squad is painted (it has been moved from the cupboard to the painting table today!) there are two light infantry troops that have been painted (or partially painted) in the same colour. As a result, Inso trawled through his Grymn box and found another 14 to go with there may yet be a few more squads to go before the army is finished. He has suggested that one of the squads will be 'engineers' and the other 'medical orderlies'. For list purposes, they will just be 'remnant squads' for the two platoons.

Secondly, Inso has sorted out all of the troops for the next army. After bagging them all up (complete with some conversion bits and pieces), he has decided that he needs another 8 heavy infantry. That will bring the basic Grenadier squads up to 10 strong.

Finally, he has assembled another two Vulkan battlesuits...apart from the head conversions. He is waiting for the glue and Green Stuff to set before he messes with the heads.

Over the last few days he has also had contact with a few people that will be providing him with some additional toys. These should be another Vulkan Battlesuit and a three man squad of Grizzly powered armour troops from Starship Troopers (Mongoose Publishing make them).

If I could sum him up, I would say that when it comes to his hobby, Inso is a perpetual motion machine. Even when he sleeps (as little as that is) it would appear that he dreams of his hobby...he'll be talking about new designs for this and that more or less as soon as he gets up (his wife is VERY long suffering on that!). You should see him when he's out and about. He looks at everything for inspiration and can often be found staring at some shape or other with a glazed expression...later you'll see the same shape in a conversion or scratch-build. It just goes to show that in life, everything has its uses!

Well, I've rambled on a bit so I'm off.

Catch you tomorrow.

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