Saturday, 1 March 2008

Mamma, it's all over now!

It's very late and after being at the village hall since midday, the two final presentations of the Pantomime are over. Much fun was had by all, many friends were made, much money was raised and many tired people will be glad to see their beds tonight. Inso and his son won 'fun awards' for the hottest headgear (Inso said wearing his hat was like wearing a carrier bag) and being singularly/doubly legless (as Inso's son had to wear a bandage on his leg...which swapped legs for the last three shows...continuity; what's that?).

So another Pantomime is over and everyone got through unscathed. You'd think that Inso would be able to relax a bit now wouldn't you? Unfortunately he has to go away on a training course for a few days so he won't be about to give me stuff to post (so I doubt very much if I'll post anything). He is about tomorrow though...maybe I'll post something a bit earlier.

Before he went to Panto Inso finished off the small conversion to the head of the Vulkan and has sent a pic. I think that it looks much better than a little head perched on there but you can make your own mind up:

Well that's it for today (although it is now technically Sunday).

Catch you later.


Mr Teufel said...

I take back what I said about them looking like dreadies. They're actually quite distinctive, and your conversion emphasises that.

Inso said...

I must admit that dreadnought is originally what I thought before I saw the size of them. They also looked a little 'cartoony' with a little head just plonked on top so Inso thought he'd adjust it slightly (like he does).

Alan said...

Not read this far back in your blog before mate...

Now, you know i'm not a fan of mechs in general, but these vulcans look cool - where are they from?

And i agree the cartoon head is much better replaced with the visor.