Tuesday, 4 March 2008

The return!

Inso got back from his training course earlier today.

He is now happy as he has finished the course he always dreads as part of it involves carrying out safety drills whilst wearing a respirator in a gas contaminated environment. The drills involve removing the mask at times so it usually means that you get a taste of the gas and you also get stinging skin. It is nothing dangerous (it's the same stuff that is used for crowd control) but it is not very pleasant. He also passed his fitness test and did various other bits and pieces.

On his return home, he found the parcel from America that contained two more Tiger APCs. They had been glued together but the journey had unstuck them a bit so he will be taking them to pieces and pinning them to get the strength. They are in perfect condition and I thought that he would pop when he saw them. He is absolutely over the moon with them. He now has three and is trying to decide whether to have them as part of the future Grymn 'Desert Rat' army or keep them for the Veridian Marines. Who knows what may happen...time will tell.

As part of the training he is doing, Inso will be busy for a few more days and evenings so there won't be many updates. Hopefully things should level out shortly but with an upcoming trip abroad, he will be getting less and less spare time as he prepares his documentation and kit. As a result, the posts on here may reduce a lot but I will try to update as soon as anything turns up.

Catch you later.


Mr Teufel said...

Wow. Part of your training involves getting tear-gassed? That's pretty hard-core.

Inso said...

Sorry, I only just spotted this.

Strictly speaking, it is carrying out drills in a gas filled environment but the drills do involve taking the mask off to practice decontaminating the head, face and inside of the mask. During this process, there is a tendency for the CS to cling to moist areas (lips, eyes and nose) which not only means a stinging sensation but also a slight amount ending up inside the mask. A good set of drills minimises the effects but it is inevitable that a bit will get you.

donna said...