Friday, 29 February 2008

Two down...two to go!

Two performances down and two more tomorrow, finishing with a booze up for Inso and the family in the local pub. Tonight everyone was tired and there were a few grumps here and there but on the whole the performance went well. There was a much bigger audience tonight and that meant that there was more noise, more cheers and more banter so that really helped.
Thank heavens it's Saturday tomorrow...everyone will finally get a decent lie in. Looking at Inso and his missus tonight...they need one!

So...what happened today? I'll tell you; Inso didn't feel like painting so he put a Vulkan together to get an idea of scale and to see what it looks like first hand. The following pix were taken to give everyone the same information:

Inso has said that he has already 'lost' the head and has converted the area to have a windscreen and a hatch lid. I'm sure there will be a pic of the conversion soon. He has suggested that one squad of three will have the same weapon fit but the other two squads may have different ones (he's still not 100% sure of the big fist).

Well from what I can see, the Vulkan suits the Grymn pretty well and I'm looking forward to seeing the rest assembled...AFTER THE COMMAND SQUAD IS PAINTED!!! (no chance of him listening to me though!).

Catch you tomorrow!

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