Thursday, 28 February 2008

Thursday...IT'S SHOW-TIME!

Well, the title says it all. The Pantomime started tonight and Inso and his family have only been home for long enough to have a cup of tea and tuck the nippers in bed.

There were a few tiny, first-night nerves but on the whole the Pantomime was a great success and fun was had by all. The in-laws enjoyed the show and Inso, his wife and two children all did a splendid job (as did the rest of the cast). Everyone has said that this Pantomime has had the best atmosphere of all of them...everyone actually enjoyed all the rehearsals!!!

A very tried Inso will sleep well tonight!

As for the Grymn command squad...just the first highlights have been done on the brown areas so there hasn't been a lot of progress but Inso can be forgiven because he has been preparing for the big night today.

For a picture today, we have something cheery and almost in the pantomime spirit. He's the Tango Man (who looks a bit like a Genii)...enjoy:

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