Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Wobbly Wednesday.

After feeling a bit dizzy last night, Inso awoke this morning feeling even more so. He doesn't know what's up with him but it sort of tailed of during the day but got worse this evening. Fortunately he managed to put some paint on his command squad while he had a less dizzy moment:

There is still a lot of work to do but he has made a good start. Inso is now praying that he won't be dizzy tomorrow as it is the first night of the pantomime...and he doesn't want to fall off the stage.

Today Inso has mostly been surfing the web. He generally likes to have a look at the Forum of Doom, Frothers Unite U.K., The Miniatures Page and Work in Progress (all of which are miniature and converting related forums). He is also a fan of You Tube and Weebl's Stuff which provide a little light hearted entertainment. So far he has resisted the lure of sites like My Space as he has plenty of 'community' based surfing on the forums.

Inso is currently resisting the urge to work on the Vulkan Battle-suits. He knows that if he starts on them, he will neglect his command squad but I reckon it won't be long before he waivers and ploughs into the Vulkans! I think he has ideas that need to be investigated as he has been sitting there turning the main body around in his hand, pondering...time will tell.

To finish off, here's Hellboy...enjoy!

See you tomorrow!

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