Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Tuesday...the last rehearsal!

Inso has just finished his tea (at 22-00hrs!) so this is a bit of a late one tonight. He and his family, have just got back from rehearsals which went on much longer than usual because the band was there for the first time. Of course there was complete chaos! I can never understand why the band is never there until the last rehearsal...the cast gets used to recorded music, then the band turns up and plays everything at a different pace in a different key!

The good news is that everything went pretty well and hopefully everything will go well on the night. Inso is currently suffering with dizziness so he won't be getting anything else done tonight (he should have had a bit more to eat today...muppet!).

On a more miniature related theme, the chaingunner turned up so Inso was chuffed that he didn't have to raise complaints against the seller (he e-mailed the seller earlier and there was a misunderstanding and apologies were exchanged). Continuing the theme, Inso managed to get the fatigues on the command squad finished today and has now got as far as having base coted the armour. There are no pix but tomorrow should see some, as it is a complete day off from Pantomime so there will be time for painting and pix.

Today the MIGHTY MONGO makes an appearance in lieu of Grymn pix:

See you tomorrow!

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